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Occam's razor states: the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory. This is often paraphrased as
 "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the right one." 


Here at the Razor's Cutting edge, you will find a group of Master Questors who excell at reaching Victory and achieving the end rewards.
The Razor Creed is simple:
Run with Intesity
Run with Focus
Run with a Razor

If you want to experience adventure in its purest form, to feel you are part of something bigger than yourself, we are the Guild for You!
Contact the first Razor you see and tell him safety and success require you to stop running with scissors and start running with a Razor!


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Shaggy008, Jun 12, 11 11:20 AM.
Occam's Razor is now Level 60.

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